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Tag: Love

A Treatise on Choice

God inside of you is the most consequential and potent communion in all of creation. However, that relationship will not have effect until God inside of you becomes God moving through you in action. I’m not denying the work of the … Continue Reading A Treatise on Choice

Radically for One

What do you truly believe about God? It’s not what you affirm, not what you sing about, or even what you lift your hands to. It’s what you actually live out. There are two elements of faith that walk hand in hand, not entirely the same, … Continue Reading Radically for One

of Risk and Knowing

Following Christ happens in action, not in belief. It is a life of action; a life of discovery. It is lived completely at rest in something so constant and immovable, and yet it is always moving forward and pushing deeper. … Continue Reading of Risk and Knowing

of Fear and Love

You were created because of love, created for love. This is why you will never truly know who you are until you walk in the identity of the Son, Jesus Christ. Because He is the unfiltered revelation of the Father’s … Continue Reading of Fear and Love

My Father’s Heart

Love is and has always been God’s primary motivation. After all, God is love. This is not to say that love defines God, but rather that God defines love…humble, selfless, and sacrificial. He is the epitome of justice, and the … Continue Reading My Father’s Heart

My Father’s Voice

When I hear my Father’s voice, I hear love. I think the biggest obstacle to understanding God is the misunderstanding of how He views us. When we miss the truth of how God loves–how relentlessly and selflessly He loves–we miss … Continue Reading My Father’s Voice

Speak Love

Whenever you approach someone to share the Kingdom, what are the chances that God will ever say to you, “I have nothing to say to this person”? What are the chances that God does not want to reveal Himself to … Continue Reading Speak Love