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Among the Doers

I was recently honored with the opportunity to be a part of something…something that sought to put faith into action and answer the call of true religion. Shortly after, and from a different source, I was offered something else–the wisdom and warning of the well-intended. In that moment, it became obvious that from God’s perspective, there was more wisdom in risk than there was in safety. I didn’t have any compelling arguments for the warnings offered to me, only a simple prayer I whispered to my Father, “God, I want to be counted among the doers.”

The simple truth of knowing who you are is in knowing who you are in Christ. But as I have said before, you will never understand what you don’t live out. Faith does not move from approval to experience. Faith moves from risk to revelation. The hearers approve, the doers risk.

Those who put faith into action are not afforded the same comforts as the indifferent. The doers–the risk takers–will always be regarded by their failures while the indifferent have the luxury of observation and the seeming wisdom of how they would have done things differently. But they are deceived. They are deceived because to hear and not act is actually worse than ignorance (James 1:22). Inaction is indifference.

The subtle deception that is robbing many of their identity is that approval and belief are synonymous. But if I measure “belief” in terms of what I acknowledge and agree upon, rather than what I submit to and act upon, I will inevitably distort the nature of true religion. I will confuse comfort for blessing, accomplishment for growth, and knowledge for intimacy. I will dedicate my life to doing good Christian things while neglecting Great Commission things. And I’ll spend my days walking alongside my identity without ever really stepping into it. There is no such thing as passive approval in the Kingdom.

Doing is risky. But in the risk is revelation; in the unknown the Father’s heart is made known to you and revealed through you to others.

Doing is hard. But nothing easy has ever made you better. Comfort is deceptive, but the Comforter guides you into all truth. You can waste your life in one, or experience its fullness as you actively follow the other.

Doing is where the faithful are numbered.

I want to be counted among the doers.


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