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Pillars of Authority–Truth


A mentor and friend of mine once told me, “When it comes to light and darkness, there is no power struggle, there is only a truth struggle.”

There is no way to measure the greatness of our Father. Therefore there is no way to measure how small everything else is compared to Him. It’s not just that He has unmatched power. It’s that He possess a supremacy of authority, and power always concedes to authority. Power always concedes to authority, because power is contingent on other factors, while real authority is always rooted in truth.

Here’s the thing: Truth is not to be confused with fact. Facts are valid and important, but facts are representations of cause and effect. Truth is always representative of a person, ultimately the person of God. Let me give an example: That Jesus died on the cross is fact. That God gave His Son because of His love is truth. The reality of salvation that was made evident and available through Christ was rooted in an eternal truth–God is love.

Facts may change as circumstances change. I don’t mean to imply that old facts cease to be facts because of new circumstances, just that new circumstances produce different results, and new facts emerge. There is a mulberry tree outside my front door. That is a fact. But let’s say I chop it down and burn it. The circumstance has changed. The mulberry tree outside my front door is no longer a fact…the pile of ashes now is.

But truth never changes. Truth is eternal. Truth is eternal because Truth is a person. The person of Jesus is not the result of anyone else. He is not subsequent to anything else. He was, is, and will always be. And since everything was made through Him and for Him, everything finds its ultimate purpose in Him (Colossians 1:16). So then, everything outside of Christ exists (temporarily) in chaos and bondage. Everything in Christ exists in purpose and freedom. This is why “you will know the Truth (the person) and the Truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Here is the point I am trying to make: God is the ultimate authority. All other authority is subject to Him. When Jesus died and rose again, the Father gave Him all authority in heaven and on earth. Then Jesus sent us out in that authority to reveal the truth of who He is and what He has accomplished. Therefore, the ultimate intention of our authority is to align and reconcile people (and circumstances) with the truth of God, thereby releasing them into their identity and purpose–that purpose being Jesus Christ.

Godly authority always brings freedom, because Godly authority always reveals Truth (Christ). When we understand the truth of who Christ is and who we are in Him, we walk in true authority. It is to this authority–who Christ is and what He has accomplished–that all other powers concede. And it is to this Truth that all people are made free.






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