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Faith is not Silent

There is nothing more relevant to this world than the love and presence of God. That is to say–according to Merriam-Webster–that nothing has more “significant and demonstrable bearing on the matters at hand.” God is love. He defines the very essence of what love is. And His love has always been demonstrated; it has always been present. It’s not in His nature to love passively or from a distance.

Follow my train of thought here…God determined, before the foundation of the world, that we should become sons and daughters through unity with Jesus Christ, and in this unity receive the fullness of His love (Ephesians 1). He made that possible through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Then He put His Spirit inside of us so that we could know that love, so that we could know Him and reveal Him in the process of relationship.

It is this understanding that led me to a decisive thought, a few years back: The world doesn’t need a move of God. The world needs a move of God’s people. Our Father, who has never ceased moving, held nothing back in demonstrating His love. And by giving us the Holy Spirit, He has held nothing back in terms of His presence at work in us and among us. You could even say that His power at work within us can, and will, accomplish greater things than we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). But the question has to be asked, are the greater things accomplished by our passive approval of God’s love and presence, or by our active involvement with Him?

We have to understand that faith is not silent, it is not tacit. It is the “living out” of God’s love and presence that is the basis of faith in action. It’s what it means to live out the Great Commission. It is the love of God in us, flowing through us as love in action, that reveals the heart of God towards others. It is the presence of God in us–the very Spirit of God–that leads us in faith to risk of ourselves in order to reveal the power of God.

So then, the most relevant and pressing needs of the world–the love and presence of God–have been satisfied. They have been satisfied by His Son. They have been satisfied in and through His people. It is now our privilege and responsibility to take up the same mission that was Christ’s–to live in and reveal the Father’s presence and love. This is the substance of the Kingdom of Heaven at hand.”









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