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The Heart of the King


I once read that God does not hide things from us, He hides them for us. The process of discovering what God has hidden is the process of discovering God Himself. It is the path laid open to the depths of His heart.

From the very beginning of His earthly ministry, Jesus preached that “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” But we must remember that in everything Jesus did, He revealed who the Father is. It is the King who defines the character and quality of the Kingdom. Everything Jesus revealed about the Kingdom, He was actually revealing about God Himself.

Jesus Christ made God known. In every action, every word spoken, He displayed the character of the Father. For Christ to say that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, was not just to say that God was near, but to say that His heart–the King’s heart–was being offered. Think about this…it was the very hand of God that extended the Kingdom of God. That extension was not one of conquest or subjugation, but one of invitation. God, through Jesus Christ, offered us His heart.

Now, we must understand that what Jesus fully revealed, what He freely offered, He also called us to seek out (Matthew 6:33). But how do you seek something that is already given to you? What are you supposed to find in what has already been revealed?

The answer may not be what you expect. What I’ve discovered over the last few years is that the purpose of seeking the Kingdom is not to find it, but to find myself in it. Now I know that some of you are not comfortable with that assertion, but hear me out. The search for God has never been a distance issue, or even an understanding issue. It has always been a surrender issue. So as Jesus said in Matthew 16:25, to give up our lives for His sake is to find it…it is to find the very life He has purposed for us.

You see, to seek first the Kingdom is not to seek for it, but more appropriately it is to search out what has already been laid open to us. It is to search out the heart of God. And as we discover Him in deep fellowship, we discover who He has created us to be. As we surrender our lives and take up His, we take up purpose and identity. And in that process, God, who created us in His image, then molds us into the image of His Son…we discover His heart, and we discover who we are in Him.


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