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Spirit and Truth

I believe that every word from my Father is truth, and every word is a revelation of His love. I believe His Spirit is inside me to make that truth reality. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is at hand. But it is only by being born of the Spirit that one moves into and experiences that Kingdom. It is only by the Spirit that the truth of who the Father is–His word and His love–becomes the reality of who I am.

I’ve said before that the fundamental issue facing the people of God and how we reveal Him to others is our understanding of the Father’s heart. It was always God’s plan for us that we would be united with His Son and thereby become sons and daughters ourselves. This identity was purposed by the Father, set and resolute in His heart from before the beginning of creation. It was bought and established through the death and resurrection of Jesus. But it is given by the Spirit. Understanding who we are in Christ, and thereby understanding the Father’s heart, will not come separate from understanding the gravity of the Holy Spirit inside of us.

If in love God predestined us for adoption, then our whole purpose and identity is rooted in His love, in His heart. So to know who we truly are, we have to know His heart. But if we have received the Spirit that searches the depths of God, the same Spirit and power that raised Christ from the dead, then the heart of God has been opened to us.

Think about it, the immeasurable and unsearchable depths of the Father are sought out and explored by the only One capable of such a feat–the Holy Spirit who is Himself God. And through unity with Jesus Christ, it is this same Holy Sprit who has been given to us that we may know exactly who the Father is and who we are in Him.

You see, the Spirit searches and the Spirit reveals, but we too often miss the fact that the Spirit leads…meaning we must follow. There is a profound relationship with the Holy Spirit that we must choose to embrace. The heart of the Father is given. He has withheld nothing from us. But the revelation of His heart is a matter of exploration and discovery that happens in deep communion with the Spirit. So, the Spirit who searches the deep and unknown things, leads us into the unknown where discovery happens.

Why this way? Because intimacy is in the journey…because understanding is more discovery than information…because revelation is not a matter of destination, it is a matter of relationship. What I want you to embrace is that there is no such thing as understanding and living our identity as the people of God without being a people of the Spirit of God.



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