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The manifestation of the Father’s glory and power is not a matter of times or seasons. In Him there is no variation or shadow of change. The sun of His heart and ability doesn’t rise and it never sets. God is love…He always is. And He never separates His glory or power from His love.

But something is awry. We have to acknowledge that what Christ set forth for us is not the standard we hold, and what He promised is not the pattern of our normal lives. But why? Surely this is not the heart of the Father.

Think about this: in Jesus is the fullness of the Father. That fullness was revealed to us through the life of Christ, and it was made available to us through His death and resurrection. And now the same Spirit that was in Him has been given to us that we might know Him and become like Him.

God, in all His wisdom, was pleased to dwell in Christ, and through Him to draw us to Himself. Not only that, but in Him (Christ) we are blessed with every spiritual blessing. If then Jesus is the fullness of the Father, and the Father has given Him fully for us, then God has given Himself fully to us through Christ.

Furthermore, if the Father has withheld nothing from the Son, and we are united with Him, then through our unity with Jesus the Father has withheld nothing from us. And to prove that He has withheld nothing from us, God gave us His own Spirit as the guarantee that He has indeed given us all things.

In my last two post I’ve spoken about how overwhelmed I am at God’s sovereignty–how unanchored and adrift my understanding is of Him. However, the thing that both unsettles me and comforts me–the very thing that He is–is love. Something very clear yet transcendent appears when you immerse yourself in God’s Word: He is holy beyond comprehension, and He loves us relentlessly.

When it comes down to it, it is those two things that are the basis of what keeps us from living a life of experiencing and revealing the Father’s love and power–the life that Jesus promised and provided for us. First, we do not truly understand who we are based on the  Father’s love as it is revealed in Christ Jesus. And secondly, we do not understand what it means to be holy as God is holy. And the thing about holiness and love is that one substantiates the other.

I once wrote that the number one, fundamental issue concerning who we are as the people of God and how we reveal Him to others is our understanding of the Father’s heart (Perspective). In the Father, holiness and love are not separated.

Think of this…in the Bible, anything that was regarded as holy was to be set apart for God. It was absolute* (complete; perfect; not mixed or adulterated; pure) in its purpose and devoted completely to His will. But the Bible also says that God Himself is holy…even more so, He is holy, holy, holy. That is to say that He is incomparably and unquantifiably set apart. It is not even adequate to say that He is “bigger than…”, because that would imply some sort of reference. If He is holy, holy, holy, then there is no way to quantify how small everything else is compared to Him.

But here’s the thing…this One who is so holy, so set apart, has chosen to devote Himself solely to us. Why? Because of love. And it is this holy love that offers to us the ability to respond in kind. That in response to who He is and how He loves, we would choose to set ourselves apart and devote our hearts completely to Him.

You see, holiness is not the result of our righteousness, it is the revelation of a heart that is singular in its love–one that is completely rooted, completely rested, and completely drawn from the Father. This is holiness–to be absolute* in our identity; to be united with Him in purpose, and to have our hearts united towards Him in love. This is the generation of those who see Him, who see His face.


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