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It’s an odd thing to be adrift, to rise and fall on the swells of God’s sovereignty. To look at every horizon and only see water is unnerving. But to then be comforted by the very thing that overwhelms you is itself more overwhelming.

I’ve been putting this off for a while, for over a month actually. And not for any other reason than just not knowing what to say. I was sitting with a friend a few weeks ago, telling him about my experience. At one point tears started welling up in my eyes and all I could say is, “I’m overwhelmed…I’m just overwhelmed.”

What else can I say? Moses heard God’s voice from the burning bush, and he hid his face in fear. Isaiah saw God in the temple, high and lifted up, and said, “Woe is me. I am undone…” I just caught a mere glimpse of the Father’s sovereignty and love, and I am overwhelmed…

I’m just overwhelmed.

I heard someone say recently that to look into the Word of God is to look into the face of God, and as God told Moses, “No one can see My face and live.” So to look fully into the word is to no longer live–that is, to no longer live for who you were.

You see, to look into the Word with no other motive than to see God is to look and see Him for who He really is. And when you see Him for who He really is something dies, yes, but something is also birthed into life. What dies is the fear, shame, and striving of a life you were never meant to live. What is birthed is the identity–the weight and glory–of the person who the Father has always purposed you to be. And as you continue to stare, you are changed by the glory of who He is from glory to glory into His image…children who look like their Father.

I said in my last post that there is absolutely no difference between God in the Old Testament verses the New Testament. Beginning to end, in every word, God is love. And in every word, beginning to end, He is sovereign and holy. This One, who transcends all limits and reason has called us to be holy–to have our hearts and minds set apart and fully focused on His heart. And when we are singular in our focus of Him, we behold and reveal His awesome glory and love…and it is overwhelming.

It is just overwhelming.


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