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A Treatise on Choice…Concluded.

Why does God love faith so much? Because faith chooses to act rather than just ‘believe’. Faith chooses to act on who God is rather than on what the circumstance is. Faith chooses to risk the natural on account of the supernatural. Faith risks the flesh on account of the Spirit. It risks self on account of another.

Simply put, faith chooses and then it acts. It acts on the Father’s heart.

One of the first things I ever wrote to you was the truth that intimacy is in the journey. This truth is so simple yet foundational to walking out your identity in Christ. It is the essence behind the conviction that you will never know who you are until you know who the Father is, but you will never know who the Father is until you walk in the identity of the Son.

The concept is so foundational that you see it from the very inception of the relationship between God and Man. In the Garden of Eden, even in their perfect, sinless state, Adam and Eve did not possess a perfect understanding of God. It was necessary for them to learn Him along the way. Think about it, had Adam and Eve had a perfect understanding of God, of His heart and His ways, would it have been possible to deceive them?

I want you to understand and embrace the fact that God wants to reveal Himself to you. The Father, who is love, created you for Himself. Therefor, in a very literal sense, you were created for Love. But you were also created through Christ, and for unity with Him. And since Jesus is the full revelation of the Father, it stands to reason that you were not just purposed to receive the Father’s love, but also to reveal it.

But where does this happen? In church? No. I write this with a content heart and a soft smile, life in Christ will never be satisfied by life in church. Life in Christ will never be satisfied in safety. Life in Christ is out on the water. It is hand-in-hand with the One who still pours Himself out in love and power, and shoulder-to-shoulder with those who in undaunted faith would also be poured out with Him…all in love…all for love…all on account of the Father’s heart.

There are times in our lives when circumstances and trials bring us to the edge of what we know, to the edge of our comfort and safety. If we follow God’s heart, we come through these times with a new understanding and intimacy with Him. But I think there is a longing of God’s heart that we would choose  to meet that edge willingly…

That we would choose to act on who He is.

That we would choose to risk the natural on account of the supernatural.

That we would choose to risk our flesh on account of His Spirit.

That we would risk ourselves on account of another.

That we would step into the unknown with Him, into intimacy.

That we would choose His heart.




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