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A Treatise on Choice

God inside of you is the most consequential and potent communion in all of creation. However, that relationship will not have effect until God inside of you becomes God moving through you in action.

I’m not denying the work of the Spirit inside you to transform you into the image of Christ. But as I have said before, God is always–always–working two ways…in you and through you. We have a great culture in the Church of asking, “What is God doing in your/my life?” But I think we abort the full potential of the Spirit inside of us when we fail to ask, “What is God doing through my life?”

In my last post before the holiday season, I said that there are two elements of faith that walk hand in hand. One is characterized by the moment when belief steps into the realm of risk and sacrifice. The other is exemplified when belief moves past affecting you and begins to affect others through you. Both are a matter of action…and both are a matter of choice.

What I’m about to say is a hard truth. Having worked with students for several years I have had the unfortunate experience of watching some question their faith, or walk away from God entirely. In talking with them about it, without exception they have all listed one of two reasons for their decision: 1. “I’ve never seen my parents live this out.” 2. “I’m tired of the way ‘Christians’ act, especially towards other people.”

…without exception…

Now hear my heart on this. I am not trying to be solemn or condemning in anyway. However, the point needs to be made: If we are not willing to risk of ourselves–to sacrifice of ourselves–for what we say we believe, then what do we really have to offer?

Look at it this way, a God of unlimited love and power who does not show it is as inconsequential to this world as a loveless, powerless god. Why should it be any different for His people? But the fact is He did show it, He did prove it, when He chose to bring us to Himself through the sacrifice of His own Son. And it is this Son, Jesus Christ, who emptied Himself in love and obedience (Philippians 2:5-11) to reveal the heart of the Father, it is He with whom we have been united. It is His identity that we are purposed to walk in. And it is His Spirit inside of us, working in us and through us to become as He is. Through Jesus Christ, and by the Holy Spirit it has been granted to you the awesome privilege and responsibility to know the depth of our Father’s love and to reveal it to others.

My whole point in writing this to you is that you would embrace the Father’s heart for you and that you would understand the gravity of His Spirit inside of you. I want you to walk out the understanding that in your unity with Christ you have not been called to belief but to purpose–to know your heavenly Father and to follow Jesus in revealing to the world exactly who He is.

Wherever the Father’s heart is lived out is where His Kingdom is advanced. But here is the thing we have to embrace: Everything concerning the Kingdom of God advancing is about what’s inside of you translating into action that affects what’s around you. It is all about choosing to act on the Father’s heart.

…to be continued.


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