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Radically for One

What do you truly believe about God? It’s not what you affirm, not what you sing about, or even what you lift your hands to. It’s what you actually live out.

There are two elements of faith that walk hand in hand, not entirely the same, but not entirely different. One is characterized by the moment when belief steps into the realm of risk and sacrifice. The other is exemplified when belief moves past affecting you, and begins to affect others through you. Both however, are matters of choice.

I was thinking recently on the conversation I had with Heath Adamson last month. As he was talking about living out the Kingdom of God, he made mention of the account of Philip in Acts chapter 8. Here Philip was preaching in the city of Samaria. Many miraculous signs were performed. Demons were cast out, and many who had been paralyzed were healed. Men and women were believing on the name of Jesus and being baptized. But at a certain point, the Holy Spirit led Philip out of the city–away from the multitude and the revival–and into the desert to speak to one man.

One man.

As Mr. Adamson put it, one man in the desert carried just as much significance to the Kingdom as the multitude in the city. We readily believe that God so loved the world, but I think we miss how radically He loves the one.

I know that I have said this before in one form or another, but maybe the greatness of what God wants to do is not about what’s coming, but about His sons and daughters taking radically what is already here…His Spirit…His love.

Hear me on this: It is not a move of God that the world needs, it’s a move of His people. The lame, the lost, the broken–whoever it is that needs God–doesn’t need me to pray for revival. He needs me to love him with the same radical heart as my Father.

The Holy Spirit has always loved radically. And if love is always in action, and not merely in word or thought, then the Spirit has always moved radically. So then, every great move of God has not been about what the Holy Spirit started doing, but about what His people started doing with Him.

What do I believe about God? I believe that every word from my Father is truth. I believe His Spirit is in me to make that truth reality…in my life and in others’. And when I risk, when I sacrifice, when I choose to love the one with the same love as my Father, His Spirit moves…radically.


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  1. Yes! I love it. We need to stop asking God to move when He has already given us His Spirit and shown us His heart. God already has moved, and it’s time for us live like we were created.


  2. “…the test of orthodoxy is not the ultimate test….it is possible for a person to be absolutely correct and yet not to be a Christian….The ultimate test of our profession of the Christian faith is our loving one another” (Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Walking With GOD Day by Day, November 9th).


  3. Philip preaching to that one man gave birth to the Egyptian Coptic church, the longest continuously running church in the world. It lead to millions of people, across thousands of years coming to know Christ.

    I love the heart behind this blog and fully agree that we need to focus primarily on loving who we can where we are, but I disagree a bit with what you wrote: “So then, every great move of God has not been about what the Holy Spirit started doing, but about what His people started doing with Him.”

    There are seasons within every church and every culture and we need to recognize this while praying for seasons of harvest. Seasons of revival. I can tell of one man who literally sold himself into slavery to be obedient to God and reach a certain group. He was faithful to God for ten years before seeing a single convert. I can also tell of two other men who showed up in a part of Southeast Asia and before they had barely said a word entire communities of villages, tens of thousands of people came to Christ. Did these men love God more than the other? Were they doing more? No. They came to the Karen tribe during harvest season while that third man came in winter.

    We do what we can, as we can, where we are. The results, both in the lives of individuals and in the revivals of communities, are in the hands of God. Good thing too, my hands are too weak to hold it.

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    • Great thoughts. I would say that simple, devoted love for Jesus, that is expressed in radical obedience, is the key no matter what the season is…planting, watering, or harvest. In regards to Philip and the men you spoke of, it is awesome to know that God is working and affecting way more than we can observe in the moment.

      Thank you for your insights, Beejai.

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