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Radically from His Heart…Continued…

If God is who He says He is, and I am who He says I am in Christ, then the only thing keeping the reality of these truths from being displayed in my life is my willingness to think and live from that perspective. You see, it’s not the beliefs we hold dear, but rather the beliefs we live out–the ones we risk ourselves for–that actually change us. And it is only what we are willing to put into action that will have any consequence for the Kingdom.

Look at it this way: Jesus said that whatever we bind on earth will have already been bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth will have already been loosed in heaven (Matthew 16:19). What we should understand from this is that we, the Church, have the privilege and responsibility to release the realities of Christ’s finished work into our realm of influence…that is whatever and whomever is right in front of us. But we will never live this out until we take radically the fact that God is here, and His heart is for us. When we become resolved in His love, living from it instead of striving for it, then we will reveal that love as a way of life, and we will begin to live “the Kingdom of heaven is at hand”–the heart of our Father is at hand.

Whose hand?…My hand. Your hand.

For what purpose?…To release.

To whom?…Anyone. Everyone.

Why?…Because this is who our God is. And it is the glory of a child to be about the Father’s business.

Earlier this week I was picking up some office supplies at the store. As I was paying, I thought to myself, I want this cashier to know how valuable she is to God. Now, it’s important that you know that I didn’t have any spiritual feeling or special revelation. All I had was the desire to learn to live my life having every bit of who I am rooted and drawn from my Father’s heart. So, I made a choice to act on the fact that God is here, God loves this girl, and God loves me. And so I told her.

As soon as I finished telling her how much God loved her, I began telling her that she was going through something in her life that was very trying and painful (I don’t remember how I worded it exactly), but even though she might be confused, God had her back…and if she would trust Him and follow Him, He would lead her through it.

She stared at me wide-eyed, with this slightly scared-looking smile on her face. “That’s creepy,” she said. “How did you know that?” But the fact is I didn’t know that. I had no intention or thought of saying anything other than how valuable she was to God, but as I spoke the Holy Spirit led me in that moment to say more. However, what I did know was this: God is here, He loves her, and He loves me…and I want to live radically from this place.

This is the heart of our Father, and His heart is for us. And wherever His heart is lived out is where His Kingdom is advanced.


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