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Radically from His Heart

Jesus didn’t come to affect our beliefs or address our behaviors. He came to transform who we are becoming by affecting and addressing the way we think. Because how we think determines who we become. You see, when Jesus walked the earth, He revealed the fullness of the Father’s love so that we could learn to live from the Father’s heart in all things…and living from that place changes everything. But that change is an inside out process. Does God change the world? Yes. But He does it by leading people to change what’s around them on the basis of what He has radically changed inside of them.

As I said in my last post, the number one, fundamental issue determining who we are as the people of God and how we reveal Him to others, is our understanding of the Father’s heart. But as I’ve also said, you will never understand what you don’t live out. Why? Because Jesus hasn’t called us to belief without action. In all actuality, that doesn’t even exist. No, Jesus has called us to belief defined by action. And that is the basis for transformation. It is the whole of the treatise that I have written on for the last six months: That you will never know who you are until you know who the Father is, but you will never know who the Father is until you walk in the identity of the Son–who is Himself the full revelation of the Father’s heart.

A few weeks ago, Dawn and I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Heath Adamson, National Youth Director for the Assemblies of God and author of The Bush Always Burns. We spoke for a while on the work of the Spirit and what it means to live out the Kingdom of God. During the conversation, he reiterated something I’ve heard him say before, that living the Kingdom is about learning to take radically what is already here. In contemplating that truth, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a gentleman in the grocery store a few months ago. He was an extremely friendly man, but when I asked him if I could pray for him, his demeanor changed. “I’ve tried God before,” he said. “He’s not there.” And then he walked away. I’ve thought about that man often since our encounter…only to come to the conclusion that he’s right.

God is not there.

He is here.

That may seem like trivial wordplay, but the truth is that simple understanding is the catalyst to walking in the fullness of the Father’s heart. You see, here is the simple truth: Intimacy, revelation, revival…These things are not about reaching some new level or attaining a new anointing from God. They are about living radically in the fact that God is here. His love is here. His Kingdom is at hand.

Radical [Rad-i-kuh l]: adjective 1. of or going to the root or origin; fundamental.

What if we took radically the heart of our Father? What if we stripped away every thought, every preconception? What if we laid ourselves bare, down to the very root of who we are, and then built everything from the foundation of God is here? What  if we learned to live and think from His heart in everything?

The answer?

We would look like Jesus.


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