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People have no idea what God has.” That statement was written on a star-shaped sticky note, and taped to my office door by my then five-year-old son. Actually, the note reads, “has idea people hav God no wut.” Samuel was gracious enough to translate his creative word order reasoning for me.

The note has stayed taped to my door for almost four years now. There is a certain recurring epiphany I get every few months when I actually stop to consider what it says. We truly have no idea what God has. Why? Because we simply don’t see what He sees, or how He sees–perspective.

This issue of perspective is paramount. Living out our identity in Christ will never come apart from a right view of the Father and a right view of ourselves in relation to Him. If we are to walk in the fullness of who we are called to be, and of what God has for us, then we must change our thinking. Because how we think determines who we become. How we think determines what life in Christ we actually live, as well as what life we are actually reproducing in others. Or if it is even life at all that we are reproducing.

Here’s the thing: Understanding God’s position and power seems to be a nonissue for most believers. But it is our understanding of His heart–His desires toward us–that truly changes us. Understanding His heart makes all the difference between a religion we live in verses a relationship we live from.

The number one, fundamental issue determining who we are as the people of God and how we reveal God to others, is our understanding of the Father’s heart. This understanding comes from letting go of our concepts and ideas and learning to see how God sees.

Think about this: Jesus could have paid the price to bring us back into right relationship with the Father without an earthly ministry. He could have died, rose, and ascended without ever pouring into twelve young disciples. But there was a point, and that point was looking beyond the cross. Everything Jesus taught before the cross was in preparation for everything the Spirit would do after the cross. And what Jesus did before the cross was to teach us how to live and think from the Father’s heart. You see, Christ’s work on the cross destroyed the power of sin and death over us. But it didn’t destroy the death we reproduce in ourselves through our own misguided perspectives. “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6) And what can produce more life in us and through us other than learning to live and think from the heart of the One who created life in the first place?

We have united ourselves with the Son who only every said and did what He saw the Father doing. Jesus revealed the Father so completely because He did everything from the Father’s perspective. And it is this life of Christ that we have been called to follow. We have been given an invitation to take responsibility for this relationship. It is the same invitation Jesus gave to His first disciples, “Come follow Me, and I will make you become…”

This matter of perspective changes everything because the Father’s heart–His love, His Kingdom–changes everything. To walk in the fullness of what God has, we have to learn to see how God sees.

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  1. This is very good. What lenses are we looking through? Your perspective will define your mindsets and perceptions. It will determine what lenses we filter life through. If we have lenses of anger and bitterness on, we will filter everything and everyone through those mindsets. We will react according to what we believe and feel. It is so important that we have clear, love filled lenses on the eyes of our heart and soul. And the key to having clean, clear lenses…. Knowing who our Father is, and understanding His heart. That can only be accomplished through relationship with Jesus.


    • Good thoughts…Thanks, Melody. The implication of what you said is that everything and everyone that we see through the Father’s heart is then poised to receive the Father’s heart (the Kingdom) through us.

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