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My Father’s Heart

Love is and has always been God’s primary motivation. After all, God is love. This is not to say that love defines God, but rather that God defines love…humble, selfless, and sacrificial. He is the epitome of justice, and the fullness of mercy. And He is always faithful. Even before He created the world, God loved. He loved us. And He chose us to receive the fullness of His love in and through Christ (Ephesians 1:3-6).

Once upon a time, when Moses stood on the mountain and asked God to show him His glory, God revealed Himself in the most awesome display of light. He then declared His name, the essence of who He is. But what He attached to His name was not the greatness of His power, but the greatness of His love (Exodus 34:6-8).

It was because of love that He created us. It was because of love that He gave His Son for us. And it is for this same love that He brings us to Himself through His Son that we too would be sons and daughters.

The thing I want you to understand is that His love is the reason for all of this, for the life we were given and the life we now live in Him. Our identity is rooted–all twisted up top to bottom, beginning to end–in Him…in His love. We are defined by the Father’s heart.

Not only does the Father’s heart give us identity, it also gives us purpose. We were not created to just receive God’s glory and love, but also to reveal it. Jesus said that He was always working because His Father was always working (John 5:17), and that He only did what He saw the Father doing (John 5:19). The reason the Father is always working is because He is always loving, and love is always, always in action.

Since He is always in action, always moving, always loving, there is nothing that can change our identity, as well as nothing that should change our purpose–to reveal His love. There is no such thing as living in God’s love without pouring out His love to others. It is not about earning His love or being validated by our actions. It’s that our Father’s heart is resolute. It is fixed in direction, and firm in purpose. And since His heart defines us, His direction–His resolution–is our purpose.

He is so immovable in His love, that our identity and purpose can never be altered or derailed. There is no height or depth, no power of hell or circumstance of life that can change who we are in Him…or what He has called us to do. Even if everything else in this world and everything in our lives fell to pieces, nothing would change…because He doesn’t change…because His love never fails.

And so in height and depth my identity remains, my purpose is steadfast: to know Him–to know His love–and to make Him known.

I am defined by my Father’s heart.


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