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My Father’s Voice

When I hear my Father’s voice, I hear love. I think the biggest obstacle to understanding God is the misunderstanding of how He views us. When we miss the truth of how God loves–how relentlessly and selflessly He loves–we miss the purpose in His voice. We “hear” God against the echoes of our own failures. We hear the perceived distance between us and Him. And in this place we view God as harsh, impatient, and frustrated. Or sadly, we just see Him as an absent Father.

But there is no distance. Hear me on this: there is no distance. Though we had separated ourselves from His heart and His presence, He closed the distance by giving His own Son, so that through His (Jesus’) death and life we could become sons and daughters…not just forgiven, but children of God. Whatever distance remains only remains in our own hearts. But even in that the Father is still the one who closes the distance because He is the one who speaks to our hearts. He always speaks. And His voice is always love.

Here’s the thing: We use terms like, “Searching for God”, or “Pursuing God” missing the fact…the fact…that it has always been the Father who pursues us God is love, and the purpose of His voice has always been to reveal that love.

I am learning to live this fact…to understand that it is not about striving towards God, but rather about living right here, in this moment, completely abandoned to Him. God is here. He is always here. He is speaking here, revealing Himself. In all the uncertainty, the storms, and the mistakes, He is speaking. And His voice is always love. When I hear my Father’s voice, I hear love. When I dwell in His words, I dwell in love. When I speak His words to others, I speak love.

God speaks to reveal His heart. He speaks through us to reveal His heart to others.


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