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Speak Love

Whenever you approach someone to share the Kingdom, what are the chances that God will ever say to you, “I have nothing to say to this person”? What are the chances that God does not want to reveal Himself to this person, or that He doesn’t want this person to know about Him? The simple truth is that God is always speaking. He is always love, and as I’ve said before love is always in action…the Father’s heart is always in action.

God is moving, God is speaking, God is loving–it’s who He is.

So, even this simple truth–that the Father loves–is always something that God wants us to reveal to others.

I am learning to hear the Father’s voice and to move with His Spirit. God regularly reveals things to me, or has me share things with people I encounter. But it seems that in the last several months the Holy Spirit has led me to just simply tell people about the Father’s love more than anything else.

I used to have a hard time with this. I felt like telling someone that God loved him or her was trite and ineffective. Until I realized that it was only ineffective if I didn’t love that person also.  You see, God’s love has power. His love changes people. It has effect. But if I don’t love the same way that God does, His love will never be transferred through me into another person’s life.

Jesus commanded that we should love just as He has loved. And He said that it was our love that would prove to the world that we are His disciples (John 13:34-35).  So it is our love in action that proves to the world that we are truly His followers, and once we show ourselves as true followers, it is His love that flows through us and draws men to repentance.

God is love, and God lives in us by His Spirit. So the same Love that so loved the world that He gave His only Son is in us–unrelenting, unbound, without limit to what it can accomplish. This love, embraced, shown, and spoken, changes lives. It changes everything.

It’s who the Father is.


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